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Are you ready to embark on a journey of creating captivating and unforgettable content? Look no further! Maslol, which means "route" or "pathway" in Hebrew, is here to guide you. Our team specializes in providing social content creators in diverse industries, such as travel, museums, and small businesses, with a clear pathway to elevate their online presence, reach more customers, and increase revenue.


We’re Better. Here’s Why…

We understand that many travelers don't want to join large tour groups with inconvenient schedules or hire expensive private guides. Our team specializes in supporting content creators by tailoring their content for the independent traveler audience in an efficient and simple way through our platform.

At Maslol, we are more than passionate about helping you create breathtaking adventures through technology and bringing them to life both online and physically. Our ultimate goal is to empower creators to monetize their activities, bring value to their customers, and do so with ease.

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Proven platform

Our platform been tested in multiple locations and thousands of people. It has proven to work even in challenging environments with no internet connections or poor Wi-Fi access since users can access the content offline.

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Our platform is very user-friendly. Once the creator finishes creating the content, it's just like posting on Facebook. In just a few minutes, the entire tour or content is ready for publication.

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Endless Creative Freedom

With Maslol, you can customize your content like never before - add coupons, rewards, and actionable tasks - to give your customers experiences that are unique to them. Make the most of your creativity and take your tours to the next level with Maslol.

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Self-Paced Tours

The end-user can go through the tour at their own pace and time, giving them the flexibility they need to soak in the content.

At Maslol, we believe that everyone, with a little bit of creativity and passion, can create something amazing with the help of technology.

We are committed to providing our clients with the tools they need to succeed and achieve their goals. Join us on this journey and experience the power of Maslol!

Rachel, Food Blogger

The gamification options available with Maslol make it easy for me to connect with my followers and show them my favorite food spots around different cities. Highly recommend for anyone looking to turn their passion into a digital presence!


Maslol was exactly what I needed to share my tour experiences with my audience. Not only did I save time creating content, but the service also helped me increase engagement and grow my business


I used Maslol for my graffiti art tours, and I couldn't be happier. Not only did the platform make it easy to upload content, but the analytics feature allowed me to track the performance of all my posts and see what was working best. It was easy to showcase my hard work to people around the globe.

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