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Creating Self-Guided Tours and Exposure to Independent Travelers (FITs) to Boost Income


Self-guided tours represents the perfect experience you can create for independent travelers (FITs). With our software and the support of our team, you can easily transform your popular tours into an independent experience available at any time. Travelers will navigate between the points you select, enjoying your guidance in a unique content format we've taught and tested on thousands of independent travelers, generating you additional income from those who prefer not to travel in large groups or cannot afford a private guide.

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Travel\food Bloggers Content Creators

Boost Your Content Value with an Interactive Recommendation Map


Extend the reach of your travel or food blog by enabling visitors and followers to engage with your content not only in the planning stages of their next trip but also during their vacation at the destination. With our recommendation maps, plan recommended routes or mark points of interest such as popular sites, top-rated local businesses, attractions, and more, enriched with captivating content. This allows your visitors to immerse in your content throughout their holiday. You have the option to monetize these maps by selling them or sharing for free while earning additional income through affiliate links to your top recommendations.

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AI Tools Content Creation

Maslol's Content Formula: Tailoring Content for Independent Travelers


After studying the behavior of thousands of solo travelers, the Maslol team will help you make and adjust content for these travelers. With Maslol's special method, you can make unforgettable experiences by creating content that really connects with travelers on a personal level. Also, AI tools will make it easier to create this content and share it in different languages

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The #1 Tool For Self-Guided Tours

Being a content creator doesn't mean you have to be restricted to physical tours. Utilizing Maslol's platform, users can create self-guided tours, allowing them the flexibility and reach they desire when it comes to monetizing their content. With Maslol, you can maximize your digital presence with ease and convenience.


How To Start In A Few Simple Steps

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Step 1 - Creating A Story

Begin by arranging your content in a way that tells a captivating story. Think of it like a book with a beginning, middle, and end. This approach not only makes it more interesting for your travelers but also helps them connect with the information you're sharing.

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Step 2 - Upload

Once your content is organized, it's time to upload it to Maslol. Here, you have the opportunity to give it a personal touch. This means adding your brand's unique colors, logos, and banners. This way, your travelers will instantly recognize and feel comfortable with what you're offering.

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Step 3 - Monetize with Ease

After your content is in place, it's ready to be seen by your audience. You can do this by sharing it on your website, through social media, or even in emails. As your travelers engage with the content, they'll have the option to make a purchase. Turn engagement into profit by seamlessly sharing valuable information.

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