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Wondering how Maslol could help your business? From museums and educational intuitions to cities and social creators, our platform has been designed to cater to a wide variety of industries. Here are a few examples:

Independent Travelers

For independent travelers, Maslol can be used to enjoy tours and experiences around the world without needing to use a guide. From art galleries to food markets, travelers can make their own adventures with the help of Maslol's user-friendly platform.

Independet Travelers
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Travel Agencies - Tour Guides - Travel Planners

With tons of people turning to the internet to plan their travels, Maslol is an excellent way for anyone in the travel industry to stand out from the competition. Tour operators have the opportunity to reach an untapped audience. For instance, solo travelers or those who have lost interest in group tours, as well as those who have had negative experiences with private tour guides, may be intrigued by your offerings. Furthermore, tour operators can develop maps of recommended destinations to enhance their clients' experiences and further add value.


Finally, Maslol is a great way for companies to make their tours more informative and engaging. Instead of simply visiting landmarks and attractions, customers can use Maslol's platform to learn about the history of the place they are visiting. This will help them get the most out of their experience while also driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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As a hotel, it's likely you get a ton of questions on where the best places to eat, drink and visit are. With Maslol, you can easily create an interactive tour of the area that contains all the necessary information for your guests. This will save them time and make their stay more enjoyable. Additionally, it's also a great way to boost revenue by promoting local businesses or services.

Educational Institutions

Maslol can also be a great way to engage potential students and create an interactive virtual tour of the institution's facilities. This will give students an idea of what they can expect from the school or university before they decide to enroll without having to physically visit the campus or hire a tour guide.

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Social Creators

Social content creators can use Maslol to create an experience for their followers outside of the phone screen. How many times have you posted recommendations or content about a certain place and been asked how to get there? Instead of trying to explain it all through text or social media, social creators can easily use Maslol's interactive tour builder to create experiences that take their followers on an adventure. Create an independent guided tour to enjoy additional income and new followers!


Cities can utilize Maslol's platform to promote tourism through digital tours of popular landmarks or streetscapes in their area. This will attract more visitors while also providing them with detailed information about the places they visit so they can get the most out of their experience.

For example, cities can offer self-guided tours of their museums, parks, and attractions to anyone around the world. This will help them promote their area as a tourist destination and allow people to learn about the city without having to leave their homes.

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For museums, Maslol allows them to seamlessly transition their physical attractions into engaging digital experiences. Visitors can use the platform to access self-guided tours and learn about exhibits without having to be physically present. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for museums, such as allowing remote visitors to explore their galleries, offering interactive games based on their collections, or even adding your museum to an outdoor tour of the city that includes museum tickets.

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