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Uri Goldflam - Travel Trailer

Meet Uri Goldflam, the visionary founder of Travel Trailer Israel, boasting an impressive 30 years of experience as an educator and guide. Uri is passionate about showcasing the rich history and diverse landscapes of Israel. With Covid restrictions lifting, Uri seizes the opportunity to invite travellers on a captivating journey through the Land of the Bible. Despite having a strong TripAdvisor profile that aids in selling physical tours via Viator, Uri faces a challenge of limited availability and high prices, making his tours less accessible to a broader audience.

The challenge:

Uri's popularity on TripAdvisor, particularly through Viator, has led to increased demand for his physical tours. However, the limitation of his availability means that he cannot fully tap into the potential of his profile. The high prices of his guided tours further restrict accessibility, preventing many enthusiasts from experiencing the wonders of Israel with Uri.

disappointing tourist waiting in a long line of tourists waiting for a guide
disappointing tourist waiting in a long line of tourists waiting for a guide

The Solution:

To overcome the limitations posed by availability and pricing, Uri Goldflam innovatively introduces a series of self-guided tours. By leveraging his TripAdvisor profile, Uri markets and sells these self-guided tours, providing an alternative for travellers seeking a more flexible and affordable way to explore Israel.
Uri not only continues to conduct guided tours for travelers to this day but has also diversified his revenue streams by capitalizing on the growing trend of Free Independent Travelers (FITs), who constitute over 60% of the global tourist population. In addition to his ongoing guided tours, Uri generates a steady monthly income by selling self-guided tours, catering specifically to the preferences of FITs. This strategic move not only aligns with the evolving dynamics of the tourism industry but also positions Uri as a forward-thinking entrepreneur, effectively tapping into a substantial market segment and ensuring a consistent flow of income beyond traditional tour services.