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Grafitiyul - Artistics Blogger & Tour Guide

Grafitiyul, founded by siblings Elinoy Kisslove and Jonathan Kis-Lev, emerged from a passion for graffiti art and a desire to share their experiences. Starting as a small, personal endeavor in 2013, the duo quickly discovered the power of art in opening minds and sparking conversations on typically taboo topics. However, with the rising demand for graffiti art street tours.

The challenge:

The increasing demand for graffiti art street tours posed a significant challenge for Grafitiyul. To meet the needs of travelers, the company had to ensure availability and flexibility in tour scheduling. However, the traditional model of guided tours proved to be time-consuming and resource-intensive, making it difficult for Grafitiyul to keep up with the growing demand. Additionally, the absence of an instant tour option further complicated the situation.

disappointing tourist waiting in a long line of tourists waiting for a guide
disappointing tourist waiting in a long line of tourists waiting for a guide

The Solution:

In response to the challenges they faced, Grafitiyul devised an innovative solution – self-guided tours. Recognizing the limitations of traditional guided tours, the company introduced a model that eliminated the need for a physical guide. Instead, travelers are provided with a map featuring curated stops created by Elinoy Kisslove. At each stop, participants can access content through various mediums, including video, audio, pictures, and trivia questions.
Results: The implementation of self-guided tours has yielded positive results for Grafitiyul. Travelers now have the flexibility to embark on graffiti art explorations at their convenience, without being tied to fixed tour schedules. The self-guided tour model has also reduced the company's reliance on training guides, saving time and resources
Linoy, recognizing the changing preferences of travelers, still conducts physical tours for those who prefer a guided experience. However, with the implementation of self-guided tours, Grafitiyul successfully tapped into the market of Free Independent Travelers (FITs), constituting more than 60% of the tourist today in the world. Linoy continues to generate revenue monthly from the initial creation of the tour, periodically updating content to ensure its relevance.