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Oren Cahanovitc - Content Creator

Oren, a seasoned Israeli tour guide and professional content creator, has embarked on a mission to redefine how travelers experience Israel. Through his engaging YouTube channel, Oren shares valuable insights, tips, day trips, and historical anecdotes, captivating a dedicated audience eager to learn more about the country. However, the challenge arose when Oren realized that the hard work invested in creating content wasn't translating into sufficient earnings. Despite a portion of his audience showing support by buying digital "coffees," Oren sought more creative ways to monetize his passion.

The challenge:

While Oren's YouTube channel gained significant traction, converting that popularity into sustainable revenue proved challenging. Although some viewers supported him through digital contributions, it wasn't enough to sustain his efforts. In response to this challenge, Oren diversified his revenue streams by introducing PDF guides for sale and offering physical tours. However, he needed a solution that not only generated income but also enhanced the user experience for his audience.

disappointing tourist waiting in a long line of tourists waiting for a guide
disappointing tourist waiting in a long line of tourists waiting for a guide

The Solution:

Oren's innovative solution involved the creation of over 10 self-guided tours, a strategic move that not only allowed him to sell unique products but also significantly increased his revenue. These self-guided tours provided Oren with a means to monetize his expertise while simultaneously enhancing the overall user experience for his audience. Unlike the freely available YouTube content, these tours offered an exclusive and in-depth exploration of Israel that couldn't be easily shared from hand to hand.